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Defence of the Night Sky and the Right to Starlight
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This website is the creation of photographer Cristiano Justino and it intends to highlight the importance of a night sky free of light pollution.

Man has turned his eyes up to the sky since the dawn of times. From that constant gazing were born myths, gods and religions, astrology... but also science - Astronomy, the primordial science. With it, Man was able to recognize stars, planets, commets and satellites. It provided a means of guidance for Man's journey on exploring and discovering our own planet.

By watching and studying the sky and using Astronomy to measure time - based on the observation of repeated phenomena in the sky - Man created calendars throughout History (lunar and solar calendars), having significantly contributed to agricultural development.

In those days, life was far less agitated than today and allowed for reflection and prolonged and persistant sky contemplation; pollution was pratically inexistant and there were no abondant night lights as there are today.

The night sky presented itself magnificent and inviting, challenging the most imaginative individuals.

"Skygazing put us in contact with Nature, searching for the pleasure of discovery,
exploration and evasion."
Guilherme de Almeida

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