Milky Way above Fuencaliente's Lighthouse

2018 | Milky Way | Constellations


   Fuencaliente - La Palma (Canarias), España Fuencaliente - La Palma (Canarias), España
   07.06.2018 06.07.2018    00:53 00:53 a.m.
EN Beautiful landscape in the South coast of La Palma, magnificent Nightsky with the Milky Way. The Scorpius constellation is visible between the old lighthouse (to the right) and the new lighthouse (to the left), where the scorpion's tail appears just above this lighthouse. Located on the island of La Palma, in the Canary Islands, the Fuencaliente Lighthouse is the lighthouse which marks the southern end of the island. The original lighthouse started service on 3rd October 1903 and consists of a 12m tower at the front of a house (on the right). It was badly damaged by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The new lighthouse opened in 1985, a 24 meter high tower. Its light can be seen for 14 nautical miles, and consists of three flashes of white light every 18 seconds.