Estrela d'Alva

2016 | Venus | Twilight | Constellations


   Oliveira do Hospital, Portugal Oliveira do Hospital, Portugal
   Canon EOS 600D - ISO800 Exp 20s F/4.5 Canon EOS 600D - ISO800 Exp 20s F/4.5
   30.12.2016 12.30.2016    18:29 6:29 p.m.
EN On the evening twilight nearby Serra da Estrela, Venus is seen highlighted before hidding behind the pine trees on this beautiful landscape. Above this planet, there's Mars on the Aquarius constellation and on the left is the Fomalhaut, a 1.15 apparent magnitude star, part of the Piscis Austrinus constellation. On the right side, three stars on the Aquila constellation with its brightest star Altair; above, faintly visible, are the Delphinus and the Equuleus constellations.