Achada do Gamo: Scorpius and the Milky Way

2018 | Milky Way | Constellations | Mars | Saturn


   Mina de São Domingos - Mértola, Portugal Mina de São Domingos - Mértola, Portugal
   17.06.2018 06.17.2018    01:07 01:07 a.m.
EN In this photo, it’s possible to see the entire Scorpius constellation over the acid waters lagoon from Achada do Gamo, at Mina de São Domingos (Alentejo region). In the middle of this image, at the Scorpius tail, the Milky Way and the entire Sagittarius Constellation can be perceived. Above it, the shiny Saturn planet is seen. Below and by the horizon, there’s the Corona Australis constellation, whose stars create an arch with a feebler shine. On the left corner of this photo, in an orangish colour, we see planet Mars, distancing over 77 million Km from the Earth, in the sky region corresponding to the Capricornus constellation. Above the “red planet”, we can still see two shiny stars in a somewhat more bluish colour: Dabih, a double star from the Capricornus constellation; and, a little higher, a star that is, in fact, two double stars located at the edge of the Capricornus constellation.